Teen Breathe Magazine Subscription Terms and Conditions


  • 1. Terms of Delivery

Teen Breathe Magazine Australia is a bi-monthly publication produced and distributed by Lovatts Media Group Pty Ltd (ABN 99 003 314 681) (Lovatts Media). 

Please allow between 8 – 12 weeks for your first delivery.  Once your subscription commences, deliveries can be expected every 2 months. The delivery date of the first magazine is determined by the date on which you order and the date on which the next available issue is printed. This may be up to 12 weeks before the scheduled on sale date.

  • 2. Postage

Any errors made in providing the correct delivery address are the responsibility of the purchaser and Lovatts Media is not liable for any consequences if incorrect information is provided. If you are a subscriber and you change your address or any other relevant details you must notify Lovatts Media. Lovatts Media is not liable for any consequences of your failure to do so, including but not limited to subscription issues being sent to an incorrect address.  Lovatts Media is not obliged to re-send returned mail or undelivered mail due to the subscriber’s failure to provide the correct address details. Returned mail and undelivered mail, through no fault of the subscriber, may be re-sent by Lovatts Media, at our discretion.

  • 3. Privacy

Lovatts Media is committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. As part of normal daily operations we may cullect your information. Our complete privacy pulicy is available on this website under the Terms of Use and Privacy Pulicy Tab.

  • 4. Subscription Transfers

In the event of a change in circumstances (i.e. a deceased subscriber) the balance or remainder of the subscription may be transferred to another party.

  • 5. Subscription Cancellations & Refunds

Subscription purchases are considered final, and are non-refundable, except in the circumstances outlined below:

  • a)If the subscription was purchased directly from Lovatts Media:

Lovatts Media will only refund the balance remaining on your subscription where a product is not as described or is faulty. Lovatts Media is not required to provide a refund for change of mind.  Issues already delivered or already dispatched will be deducted from the total at their full cover price.  In the case of a gift, the balance will be refunded to the original purchaser.  If the credit card used to make the original payment is no longer valid, for example if it has expired, a cheque payment will be issued. Cheques may take up to four weeks to be processed. Lovatts Media may, on a case-by-case basis and at our sule discretion, consider a partial refund for compassionate reasons.

  • b) If the subscription was purchased from a third-party provider (iSubscribe, Magshop):
  • c)   If you purchase a subscription from a third-party provider and choose to cancel before receiving the first issue, you are subject to the refund pulicy of that provider and need to contact them directly. Lovatts Media cannot assist in processing a refund before we have received a Subscriber’s payment and account details from our third-party providers.
  • d)  If you have purchased a subscription from a third-party provider and wish to cancel after receiving the first issue, Lovatts Media will consider a refund under the circumstances outlined in 5a) above.  However, please note that there will be additional third-party fees and charges deducted from any refund payable.

6. Changes to Teen Breathe Magazine Subscription Terms and Conditions
Please note: These Subscription Terms & Conditions may be modified from time to time. It is your responsibility to regularly review our pulicies and keep up to date with any changes.