Living the dream

Do you have a burning ambition to produce a movie, run a marathon, or volunteer overseas? Imagine a world where you could make your goals a reality.

Sound unlikely? Well, it doesn’t happen by magic, but there is a way to increase your ability to achieve your ambitions. How? By using the influence and power that you have over your thoughts to help you get there. It’s a process called manifestation.


At its core, manifestation could be summed up as when your thoughts and energy create your own reality. This means focusing your thoughts on what you really want in your life, whether that’s achieving good grades, securing your preferred job, or being a kind and supportive friend. You see, everything in the universe is made from energy, including you and your thoughts. Like a power source, your thoughts charge through your mind every day, contributing to what you do and don’t do and what you may or may not achieve. So, it makes sense to try to use your thoughts to your advantage, steering them in the direction you want to go as you take the necessary and practical steps to get you there, be that studying hard, training regularly, taking on part-time jobs, or practising being a good listener.


Decide what you want to manifest. What does your heart desire? Whether it’s to run 10km, own your own business, or travel the world, set this goal firmly in your mind. Of course, you might not be sure of exactly what you want to do or be, which is perfectly natural. But try to become aware of the things that get you genuinely excited, the activities that take your breath away and make you feel warm and cosy.


Close your eyes and put all your concentration into imagining your goal or dream. Try to make it as realistic as possible, as if it’s happening now in this very moment. Add as many details as you can, really see it in your mind’s eye. Use your senses – what textures are at your fingertips, what scents reach your nose, what sounds are in your ears and what sights are in front of your eyes? Say, for example, that you’ve long dreamed of becoming a singer-songwriter. Imagine you’re on stage performing your songs. Feel it in your bones right now, this minute. The microphone is in your hand, the heat of the spotlights are on your face, and the crowd is singing your lyrics as they dance to the rhythm.


It’s important to believe your goal is on its way. How do you do this? Act as if you’ve already achieved it. Imagine your song playing on the radio, your performances being streamed and downloaded, and that you have another gig tonight. Sometimes it’s helpful to write down what you want on a piece of paper, for example: ‘I am a singer-songwriter and my songs are being played on the radio.’ Of course, life won’t always deliver exactly what we want. But positive thoughts are a really good way of complementing all the work you put in at school and in your spare time to manifest your goals.



Try to clear your mind of negative or gloomy thoughts. You could try listening to music, doing something creative like drawing, or going for a short stroll. Feeling the fresh air on your face and listening to nature can bring you into the present.


Imagine you’re studying for a test and you keep telling yourself: ‘I hope I don’t fail.’ This can prevent you from seeing a good outcome. Instead, try to project positive and hopeful thoughts, such as: ‘I’m going to do my best in this test, I’ve studied and I know my stuff.’ By being kind and encouraging yourself to do well, you’re creating a bubble of positive energy.


Life won’t always go to plan and there might be some things you can’t control, but focusing on the areas where you do have influence is a useful strategy.

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