The Ocean Is My Place

The ocean will always be my place, my second home.

Ever since I was a little kid, the smell of salty water has always brought a smile to my face. When the regular world is too much and I have a million thoughts running through my head, the world under the water is always quiet, still and calm; freeing me from my stress and worries.

The sensations that come from being in the ocean are indescribable. It brings feelings like nowhere else. Gliding through the water is like flying. And floating on my back, surrounded by the weeds of the sea, watching the sun pierce through the surface creating a light that shimmers on fish scales and sways with the waves is the stuff that I dream of. After doing schoolwork or staring at a screen all day, a dive in the ocean helps me to reconnect with Mother Nature, and with myself; it’s my escape.

My favourite part of every day is putting on my swimmers and heading down to the water. No matter how good or bad I’m feeling, and whatever my problems, they all wash away with one dive. Five minutes in the water changes my whole mood, my entire day. I love the sensation of drifting on my back, looking up at the sky, feeling almost weightless.

I never feel more connected with the ocean than when I glide through its wall of water, riding the power of the waves. Swimming through the sea, glimmering with the light of sun is where I belong. It’s where I always want to be. It keeps my mind happy and keeps me strong. The ocean is my place.

Words: A’Janae Gow, 16.

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