Life through Kassie’s lens

Inspired by the natural beauty in every day, Kassie Shipton has found a passion in photography.

Especially enthusiastic about landscape photography, 15-year-old Kassie spends her free time taking photos around the dairy farm she lives on. She loves to capture the breathtaking moments of a sunrise or sunset, and often uses a glass ball (called a Lensball) to bring a unique perspective to a photo. Kassie says she feels at peace when she is taking photos. Here are some of her latest snaps:

Kassie says: ‘One of my favourite ways to take a photo is to focus on one point and blur the background. I’ve become obsessed with Lensball photography!’

‘Living on a dairy farm has given me great places to take pictures – I’m so grateful we live on such a beautiful property.’

‘When I’m taking photos, my mind is clear, and I seem to focus on nothing else except what is in that frame. It’s a peaceful and fun way to do something creative.’

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