Wonder walk

Head outside and immerse yourself in the healing magic of mother nature.

  1. Go for a stroll outdoors to a natural environment – a park, bushland, river, ocean, field.
    Walk at a natural pace, breathing fully and deeply, and pay attention to every step you take.
    Place your hands wherever it’s most comfortable – by your sides, on your belly or behind
    your back.
  2. Notice the subtle movement in your legs and be aware of how your feet touch the ground
    and keep you upright. Feel how each foot swings ahead in turn and how the heel hits the
    ground – then the ball, then the toes.
  3. Slowly shift your awareness to the sights and sounds around you. Engage your senses and
    take a deep breath in through your nose. What can you smell? Notice your surroundings –
    the light of the sky, the shapes of drifting clouds, the colours of the leaves.
  4. With each thought, simply notice it and then let it go. Note how you’re feeling in yourself
    at this moment. Has your breathing changed while you’ve been walking? Are you feeling
    more relaxed?
  5. Can you now hear the gentle call of Mother Nature? Can you hear her messages through
    the rustling leaves, the patter of rain or the call of songbirds? What is she telling you?
    Stay present, calm and quiet as you spend some time with the beauty of the Earth
    surrounding you in all its wonder and glory.

Practise this mindful exercise often, expanding gratitude for each and every moment. It may
help you to clear your thoughts and feel more at peace. Connecting with nature means that
you can embrace true appreciation for the incredible abundance of life on Earth.

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