Summer stretch

This gentle flow harnesses the vitality of sunshine and connection with Mother Earth.

1 Stand tall, hands at your heart’s centre in prayer pose. Take a few breaths here to ground and centre your being while connecting with Mother Earth.

2 Raise your hands skywards and inhale. Breathing out, lower and flow hands round and down, clasping fingers behind your back.

3 Bend your knees as you lower your body into a deep forward fold. With your head tipped down, stretch out your clasped fingers and shoulders behind you while taking a few breaths.

4 Bend further down, place hands on the ground and step your right foot back, bending your left leg to form a lunge. Raise your hands and upper torso skywards into a crescent lunge. Take a few breaths. Lower your hands back to the ground, step the right foot forward and straighten up to standing prayer position. Fold forward and then step the left leg back to form your crescent lunge, hands high in the sky. Place hands back on the ground and step your left leg forward and finish in standing prayer pose.

5 Inhale and step both legs wide apart to the side, stretching the arms and fingers outwards from the shoulders. Turn your left leg and foot 90 degrees to the left, and your right foot 45 degrees (also left). Your legs have now formed a triangle. Extend your left hand and torso out to the left, then lower your hand to rest on the floor outside your left foot or on your shin. Your right arm flows up, palms open. Take a few breaths here in triangle pose. Raise your upper body back to standing, and then flip your triangle to the right, feet turning to the right and right arm lowering to your shin, left arm up in the air. Return to standing, step your feet together, and end in standing prayer.

6 Inhale in prayer pose and exhale downwards into a forward fold, with palms resting on the ground either side of the feet, or on the knees or shins. You can bend your knees as much as you like.

7 Step your right foot back, then left foot back, to form a plank. Take a few breaths and engage your core.

8 Lower down to the ground on an exhale, hands under the shoulders. Inhale and lift the torso upwards into cobra position. Take a few breaths here. Push your hands into the ground and raise your pelvis towards the sky into downward facing dog. Take a few breaths.

9 Breathing in, step your legs forward between your hands, then circle them up and round to end in standing prayer. Take a few breaths and observe how you feel.

As with all physical activities, please do not attempt this if you have any medical or physical conditions that may be aggravated by it. Check out ‘Yoga With Teen Breathe’ on the Teen Breathe Australia Facebook page (and our YouTube channel) for more flows that will soothe your mind and stretch your body.

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