Wonder walk

Head outside and immerse yourself in the healing magic of mother nature.

Telling Tales

Whether you enjoy a book or not, reviewing it from a personal perspective is a great way to see a story afresh. Amber from Teen Breathe...

A peaceful pause

If life feels frantic and it's all getting on top of you, step back and try this calming breathing exercise.

Write on

Don't let hang-ups about grammar or punctuation put you off - writing is good for the soul, and done freely there's no easier way to express...

Make your own time capsule

Creating a time capsule to house some of last year’s memories is a great way to mark the occasion.

Make your own friendship bracelets

Few things can beat the feeling of giving – or receiving – a handmade present, especially when it’s for someone who’s always there for...

How to make a vision board

Creating a vision board can help you frame and reach your goals, from what you want to do today to who you want to be tomorrow.

Breathing sunshine

If you take a moment to notice your breathing as you go throughout your day, you’ll see it can make a difference to how you feel.

A lion's roar

A lion’s roar the lion has been a symbol of strength, courage, honour, nobility and pride since ancient times, with a roar that can be heard up...

A graceful bow

Releasing internal tension, standing forward bend - called Uttanasana in Sanskrit - is considered to be stress relieving and relaxing. This pose...