Make your own time capsule

Creating a time capsule to house some of last year’s memories is a great way to mark the occasion.

1 Choose a selection of significant items that have been part of your life. Ideally, they should not be of any use to you anymore but still carry strong sentimental value.

2 Depending on the quantity and the size of your treasured items, a shoe box or large jar could be all that’s needed.

3 No need to bury it (but if you do, be sure to make it watertight to prevent damage from moisture and dirt). Instead store it away in a cool and dry location, like under the stairs or at the back of a wardrobe.

4 Decide when you should open it again – maybe five, or 10 years from now? Or just let yourself forget all about it so you can feel the magic of re-discovering this lost treasure one day in the future.

5 Each of these unique and personal items will have their own story to tell. You won’t view them as old junk but as the most valuable ephemera, short-lived reminders helping to keep your past alive

Ideas checklist:

  • A piece of clothing that reminds you of the place where you wore it
  • An old phone
  • A copy of Teen Breathe
  • Movie or concert tickets
  • Newspaper or magazine clippings about a specific event that interested you
  • Your diary and other sentimental letters
  • Pictures of your class, friends, family and pets – don’t forget to add names, locations and dates to the back of them
  • Favourite books, poems and inspiring quotes
  • Jewellery or handmade objects you were given by someone special
  • Any other items that are symbolic to you

Try to avoid products containing chemicals as they may deteriorate over time.

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