Breathing sunshine

If you take a moment to notice your breathing as you go throughout your day, you’ll see it can make a difference to how you feel.

Stop every now and then, think about your breath and practise inhaling more deeply, all the way down to your stomach, especially at times when you’re feeling worried or nervous. Do you feel calmer, more relaxed? This exercise is perfect for connecting your thoughts and your breath…

Sit in a comfortable seated position on the floor with your hands gently resting on your knees, palms facing upwards, or in a mudra position, where the first finger and thumb are touching. This is called chin mudra.

In yogic science, each part of the hand connects to a certain area of the brain. When you apply pressure to the fingers and hands, those brain areas are energised. The chin mudra activates wisdom and knowledge.

Breathing gently, take a moment to allow your body and mind to settle. Then slowly close your eyes and imagine a bright, golden sun.


Take a deep breath in, all the way down to your stomach, for a count of three. As you are breathing in, picture a bright, golden sun.

Hold this image in your mind’s eye for a count of two or four, whichever feels most comfortable.

Then gently breathe out for a count of six and as you breathe out imagine you are that big, bright sun, radiating light out into the world.

Repeat this breathing exercise for three to five minutes and observe how your body feels. You may feel warm, energised, light and glowing afterwards.

Words: Dawattie Basdeo A kids and young adults yoga teacher. For details, visit Younger children should be supervised.

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