A lion’s roar

A lion’s roar the lion has been a symbol of strength, courage, honour, nobility and pride since ancient times, with a roar that can be heard up to eight kilometres away. Lion pose, which is called Simhasana in Sanskrit, is a powerful breathing exercise that boosts strength, vitality and confidence.


  1. Sit in a kneeling position with your back straight, shoulders open, palms resting above your knees and fingers spread like claws.
  2. Inhale all the way up to the crown of your head, maintaining a straight spine and keeping your chest broad.
  3. Exhale and gently lean forward, open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out long and fl at pointing downwards towards the ground and make a strong ‘Ha’ sound. Simultaneously as your tongue flows out and downwards, your gaze is directed skywards.
  4. Bring your tongue back into your mouth, close it, bring your eyes back to looking forward and remain seated in a comfortable position.
  5. Repeat this breath for five or ten cycles and observe how you feel.

Have a play with this breath and your body. Imagine you are a lion, strong, confident and courageous – and don’t worry if you feel a little silly.

One variation is to practise breathing as above, but this time have your knees open wide with your palms on the floor (wrists turned so that your fingers are pointing back towards your body). Inhale and tilt your upper body forward, pushing downwards through your arms, maintaining a straight spine. Exhale, stick your tongue out flat pointing downwards, while your gaze is directed skywards.

Practising lion’s breath opens your throat and supports you in expressing yourself, to speak your truth and stand your ground.

I breathe in courage and exhale fear

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