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Following in the footsteps of older sibling title, BreatheTeen Breathe promotes mindfulness as the basis of a happier, healthier, more authentic life. While other teen titles are pushing the need to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, the newest beauty fads, or which celebrities are dating, Teen Breathe inspires its readers to be mindful in everything that they do – from mindful movement, friendship, healthy eating, crafting, positive thinking, caring for the environment, and everything in between.


A beautifully crafted bi-monthly lifestyle title published by Lovatts Media, Teen Breathe is the go-to guide for teen and tween girls of ages 8 to 15+, encouraging health, happiness, creativity and mindfulness. Each issue includes fun crafts and activities sprinkled throughout, and plenty of ways for teens to uncover the artist within and celebrate their originality. From learning the art of paper folding, to crafting books, journaling, writing stories and mindful colouring-in, you’ll find plenty of ways to get creative.

Teen Breathe is also brimming with insightful prompts that will have our teen readers digging a little deeper to discover more about their unique selves. Plus, you’ll find easy-to-follow guides for relaxing yoga moves, smart ways to deal with social media, and tips on how to stay true to you.

Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Yourself.


Practicing mindfulness has been proven to benefit students during their often-challenging school years. It can help our young people achieve calmness, stay inspired and engaged in their learning, and improve their confidence, resilience, and emotional self-regulation – giving them the tools they need to thrive daily.
As Australia’s #1 mindfulness magazine for teens, we’ve created TeenKIT: a dedicated platform offering schools, teachers, home educators and experts free access to a range of trustworthy and motivating classroom-ready mindfulness resources drawn from the inspirational pages of Teen Breathe and KIT Magazine.
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What our readers say

The thing that I love most about this magazine is how you promote the values of kindness, happiness and courage. Teen Breathe reminds me to sit and make time for the things that I enjoy doing as well as caring for others and making them feel good about themselves. I also love how the magazine is presented. The unique designs on the cover are eye catching and I love the creative ideas that you include.

- Charlotte

Sadly today’s tweens and teens are under so much pressure to grow up quickly and everything being about their ‘looks’ and over glamorising them. For me, it is lovely that there is something like Teen Breathe that I can buy for my daughter that is so much more about how she feels about herself and gives her tips and inspiration about what is good for her self esteem and wellness for her mind, body and soul.

- Michelle

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Teen Breathe Magazine is published by Lovatts Media – Australia’s most successful independent mindfulness and wellbeing publisher, with over 30 magazine titles that are distributed in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

From our early days as crossword magazine pioneers, Lovatts Media now leads the mindfulness category with the continuous expansion of our lifestyle magazine portfolio and the growth of our luxury online beauty and lifestyle store, VeganBeauty. Guided by our collective belief in conscious and ethical living, our print magazines and digital brands cover a wide range of interests, including wellbeing, mindfulness, health, food, creativity, travel, sustainability, culture and community.

Lovatts Media’s mindful collective of brands include: BreatheTeen BreatheMindful ParentingKIT magazine, Mindful Puzzles and Nourish: plant-based livingLovatts InklingsMindful PlannerVeganBeauty, Australian Natural Health, Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles and TeenKit.

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