The ‘i’ in believe

Identify the beliefs that hold you back, then change them

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Millie and Chloe – positively thriving

Millie and Chloe, two teens from Melbourne, share with us their thoughts and feels over the current strange times of separation from friends, and...

The butterfly effect

How small changes can emerge into something magnificent.

Follow your heart!

Planning the life of your dreams starts with your heart

Girl Boss: Ceara Bakes

Ceara started her beautiful cake-baking business at 12 – after being inspired by her grandma, who was a professional baker.

Girl Boss: The Eco Denim Movement

Teen Breathe catches up with Hannah Smailes to talk about her clothing shop, The Eco Denim Movement.

Inferno of Emotions

13-year-old Eleanor shares her artwork and personal response to the bushfire crisis.


Allegra Dunning, 12-year-old musical superstar from the Blue Mountains, teaches us that anything is possible if you reach for the stars.

Girl Boss: Lexie Designs

A passion for sewing has run in my family for a few generations, and with a few lessons from my grandma and brother, I became pretty confident at...

Elly's simple overnight oats

Enjoy this simple and delicious breakfast recipe from Elly Awesome.

Elly's Energy Bites

Elly’s no-bake chewy treats are easy to make, healthy and delicious. Bonus: all the ingredients are vegan-friendly!

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